About Us


Sunglasses-polarized-photochromic-transition-lenses.com is a directory of best deals on sunglasses found on the web. We only list sunglasses that are both polarized and photochromic (transition).

What kind of sunglasses do you list?

We list sunglasses that are both polarized and transition.

What advantage does polarization give?

Polarization of sunglasses reduces glare, makes object much sharper.

What advantage does photochromic property give?

Photochromic property makes the lense transition to dark when exposed to sunlight, and transition back to light when sunlight disappears.

What is the difference between photochromic and transition?

Essentially it means the same thing.

Why combine transition and polarization?

This gives a combination of clear sharp image with adjusted shade based on the amount of light that glasses are exposed too. The combination of the two gives the best outcome for clear vision.