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Sferoflex 5004S 231/87 Sunglasses Gunmetal Gray 58-15 140 New

Price: $40

Classy Women's beautiful Sferoflex Gold sunglasses

Price: $69.99


Price: $15.99

Sferoflex Kids Sunglasses Italy Luxottica Pink Silver Chrome 6306

Price: $35

BerDel Sferoflex Sunglasses 942 Blackwine 56-15 Italy Red Black 6200

Price: $31.50

Ber Del Sferoflex Sunglasses Red Gold Marble Frame Black Vintage D908

Price: $39

Ber Del Sunglasses Italy Sferoflex 58-17-145 Half Rim Silver Chrome Black 8428

Price: $31.50

New Sferoflex SF5005S Dark Gunmetal Sunglasses and Grey Lens

Price: $54.95

Bi colored SFEROFLEX sunglasses with spring hinges Mod. 104 - N 78

Price: $79

Vintage Berdel Womens Sferoflex Rose Tinted Sunglasses 49-20-130 ITALY

Price: $59.95

BerDel Sferoflex Sunglass Frame Marty Vintage

Price: $17.38

Sferoflex made in Italy vintage sunglasses

Price: $90
O-C Women's Fashion Polarized Sunglasses
Back O-C Women's Fashion Polarized Sunglasses 59mm O-C Women's Fashion And Colorful Polarized Sunglasses 56mm O-C Women's Fashion style Cateye Sunglasses O-C Women's CA2398 Oversized Polarized Sunglasses-60mm O-C Women's Fashion Big frame Sunglasses 60mm O.
Polar Optics Premium Polarized Clip On Sunglasses, 54-A Gray Lenses
Polar Optics Premium Polarized Clip On Sunglasses provides sun protection for eyeglass. Important Made in USA Origin Disclaimer: For certain items sold by Walmart on, the displayed country of origin information may not be accurate or.
Guide to what E-Motions are connected to what Organs!
During this time of great love and joy on this out "Light Bodies" start to meld into perfect harmony with our Hue-Man Holograms (thats yourlots and lots of accelerated detoxification is going on whether you know it or not. by the changes in how you feel (E-Motional roller coaster anyone lol?), changes in your perceptions of yourself and others, and the aches, pains and minor inconvieniences of having some latent DNA strands and Electrical Templates activated.these aches and pains may be trying to tell you something. Might help to figure out what E-Motions are attached to what part of the Hue-Man Hologram. The following chart is from the "Tao System". This system teaches, that ALL (-) neg. polarized and (+) pos. polarized E-Motions, (as well as all the other pollutants you are trying to get rid of), are stored in the Organs. When thethe toxins, sediment, waste materials and the excess neg (-) polarized E-Motions, back up into the muscles which handle the overflow for each Organ. They act similarly to "back up tanks". This causes a clamping down of the muscles..and creates a feeling of overall stress.the increase in Chi moves the (-) polarized E-Motions and allow the (+) polarized E-Motions to ground in.the muscles relax and loosen. Listed below are details of the Muscles, and the E-Motions (neg (-) polarized whenpos (+) polarized when IN balance). Muscles and their Associated Negatively (-) Polarized and Positively (+) Polarized E-Motions 1) HANDS (-) Fear of Making Mistakes. (+) Goals. 2) FOREARMS (Brachioradialis, Forearm Extensors and Flexors) (corresponds to