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Ber Del Sferoflex Sunglasses Red Gold Marble Frame Black Vintage D908

Price: $65

New Sferoflex SF 5501s Men's Sunglasses Black with Grey Lens

Price: $49.95

Sferoflex Men's Sunglasses 5006S 268/87 Silver Rectangular Flex Hinge 57-18 135

Price: $29.99

Sferoflex Men's Sunglasses 5004S 231/87 Gunmetal Gray Rectangular 58-15 140

Price: $29.99

Classy Women's beautiful Sferoflex Gold sunglasses

Price: $69.99


Price: $15.99

Authentic Sferoflex Sunglasses frame, Gold & Black Mod. 976 MADE IN ITALY

Price: $139.99

New Sferoflex SF5005S Dark Gunmetal Sunglasses and Grey Lens

Price: $59.95

BerDel Sferoflex Sunglasses 942 Blackwine 56-15 Italy Red Black 6200

Price: $31.50

BerDel Sferoflex Sunglass Frame Marty Vintage

Price: $18.41

BerDel Sferoflex Men's Patrick Bruce Vtg Sunglasses Aviator Frames 57-16-140 RX

Price: $19.99

Vtg Sferoflex Eye glasses Rx Square Frame Rockabilly Retro Hipster Costume

Price: $19.95
Oakley Pellor(TM) 2 Frame + 6 Lens Outdoor Sports Polarized Sunglasses Cycling Glasses
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O-C Women's Fashion Polarized Sunglasses
Back O-C Women's Fashion Polarized Sunglasses 59mm O-C Women's Fashion And Colorful Polarized Sunglasses 56mm O-C Women's Fashion style Cateye Sunglasses O-C Women's CA2398 Oversized Polarized Sunglasses-60mm O-C Women's Fashion Big frame Sunglasses 60mm O.
Simple Clip on Facts
Simple Clip On Facts: We have been selling sunglasses and clip ons for 24 years. When we started in 1984 Clip ons were almost a buy one and fits all type of a situation. There were six to choose from. We kept up on our suppliers and now have Ten Shapes, 72 Sizes and Seven main catagories of lens colors and 7 Sub-catagories for lens colors. When a customer comes up to our booth and sees the display these days it is over-whelming and most will walk away if we don't offer help. First we look at the buyers shape and style of glasses. I have even said oh they are rectangle and the person wearing them thought they were oval or maybe square. So we get the shape down and then the size. The size needed is one lense and the width [-----]. Usually that is enough to get the right size and fit. Unless is an oval or rectangle, sometimes what is needed is a skinny rectangle or skinny oval. Then we need the heighth of the one lense. After twenty four years of selling we can look at them and know usually the exact size and shape with out measuring. (I can also do ring sizes, but then that is a different business). The next question is what lens type: The majority prefer polarized, all want UV protection. Polarized comes in two colors: the smoke/gray color or brown the lighter of the two. Driving lens, which has replaced the blue blockers, the blue is not blocked any more, but still get that clear look. Our darkest is just called a Smoke lens and comes in Darkest smoke or brown with UV protection.