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Persol PO0714 96/33 Foldable Sunglasses, Light Havana Frame, Brown 52mm Lenses

Price: $109.95

Persol PO9649S Sunglasses 1052/S3 Madreterra Brown Blue Faded Polarized 9649 55

Price: $169

Persol Men's Polarized PO0649-108/58-52 Tortoiseshell Oval Sunglasses

Price: $132.90

Persol PO8139S Polarized Sunglasses (Choose Color)

Price: $62.99

Persol Men's PO3108S-24/33-49 Tortoiseshell Round Sunglasses

Price: $134.26

PERSOL STEVE MCQUEEN FOLDING 714 Madreterra PO0714 1052/51 52mm *NEW**AUTHENTIC*

Price: $159.95

Persol Men's PO3108S-95/31-49 Black Round Sunglasses

Price: $130.52

NEW Persol Folding Eyeglasses - 100% Authentic Glasses PO 9714VM 1022 1023 1024

Price: $54.99

Persol 649 Aviator Sunglasses 95/58 Black / Grey Green Polarized PO0649 54 mm

Price: $149.99

Persol Men's PO0714-95/31-54 Black Oval Sunglasses

Price: $130.33

PERSOL Sunglasses PO0649 24/86 Havana 52MM

Price: $135

PERSOL Sunglasses PO3108S 960/S3 Striped Brown 49MM

Price: $185
O-C Women's Fashion Polarized Sunglasses
Back O-C Women's Fashion Polarized Sunglasses 59mm O-C Women's Fashion And Colorful Polarized Sunglasses 56mm O-C Women's Fashion style Cateye Sunglasses O-C Women's CA2398 Oversized Polarized Sunglasses-60mm O-C Women's Fashion Big frame Sunglasses 60mm O.
Wayfarer sunglasses have handmade frame
Sino Optical Co. Ltd's model MP-F-011 wayfarer-style unisex sunglasses feature handmade acetate frame and temple. The eyewear adopts polarized lenses and comes with structured metal accessories. It measures 52x17x145mm, weighs 500g and is available in six.
Sunglasses History, The Roman emperor Nero liked to watch gladiator fights through polished gem stones. First used in China in the 12 century. The "lenses" were flat pieces of smokey quartz, no corrective powers but protected the eyes from glare. Judges in Chinese courts used tinted lenses to conceal facial expressions, hence the phrase, "blind justice". Introduced in America by Sam Foster in 1929, he started selling them as Foster Grants at Woolworth on the Boardwalk on the beaches of Atlantic City, and New Jersey. Polarized lens were developed in 1936 by Edwin H. Land. Wayfarers were introduced in the 1950's. Revo or revolutionary sunglass mirrored coating was developed by NASA for astronauts. Also known as: Sun spectacles, by opticians. Spekkies in South Australia Sun specs, shortened version of Sun Spectacles Sunglasses used in Britain and North America Sun-Shades Dark glasses Sunnies, Australian slang Smoked Spectacles Sunglasses are a visual aid, with coloured or dark lenses to screen out strong light from your eyes. Recommended to wear on sunny days to protect your eyes from UV, that can lead to cataracts. Sunglasses improve visual comfort and laity by protecting the eye from glare. There is no correlation between high prices and increased UV protection. A 1995 Study reported that "Expensive brands and polarizing sunglasses do not guarantee optimal UVA protection." The Australian competition and Consumer Commission has also reported that "consumers cannot rely on price as an indicator of quality."