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Price: $1

DKNY Women's Sunglasses DY 4024 3016/73 Tortoise EUC!

Price: $24.99

ITALY! DKNY DY 4102 3016/13 Soft Square Havana Gradient Women Sunglasses, M5/A

Price: $17.99

DKNY Women's Sunglasses DY4060 Tortoise Shell Smoke Lens Good Condition

Price: $24.99

DKNY 7906 Black Sunglasses W/Original Case (Great Buy)

Price: $29.75


Price: $8.95

New DKNY DY4102 3001/87 Women's Sunglasses 57-17-130

Price: $49

DONNA KARAN DKNY Sunglasses - DKS170 338 48/21 135mm

Price: $12.95

DKNY sunglasses

Price: $25

DKNY DY4130 3001/87 Black Rectangular Sunglasses w/ Gray lenses

Price: $40

Donna Karan DKNY DY5071 10297E Mate Silver/Pink Mirror Unisex Sunglasses

Price: $50

DKNY DY4093 Light Purple Tortoise / Brown Polarized Sunglasses

Price: $34.99
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Vintage Inspired Round Horned P-3 Sunglasses with Key Hole Nose (Black. Oversized Sunglasses - Havana/ Rose New Round Circle Fashion Designer Celebrity Womans Sunglasses - Tortoise Brown Ray-Ban Unisex RB3447 Icon Round Sunglasses, 50mm Tom Ford FT0449.
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Womens Fashion Half Frame Round Cateye Sunglasses (Tortoise Green) Womens Fashion Half Frame Round Cateye Sunglasses (Tortoise Amber)
Donna Karan Chaos Perfume
CHAOS FRAGRANCE from the Donna Karan Beauty Company This much treasured fragrance is discontinued and very rare and hard to find. Chaos is the way that Donna Karan descibes her life, and became the perfect inspiration for the creation of Chaos in 1996. We're conditioned to thinking of chaos as something we need to control i.e. work, family, the craziness of the city. But we forget that choas is also thunder and lightening, wind and rain: powerful, unpredictable forces that can create miraculous change. Nature is in the constant state of chaos and there is nothing more balanced, more creative, more beautiful. Chaos, the fragrance, is a way to reconnect with our own natural creativity and blalance. Choas is about embracing the unperdictable. It's about the inner calm that comes from being open to change. It's about staying centered while the world rages around you. Just like in nature, Chaos the fragrance represents an evolution, a starting point on a jouney to rediscover your own stregth, sensuality, and the freedom to be your true self. Chaos is composed of a high percentage of natural essences that evoke feelings of happiness and relaxation. At the heart of Chaos is a blend of exotic incense, inspired by Sacred places of the Orient. Sensual spices and herbal blends of lavender, sage and camomile, known for their soothing benefits, is woven throughout the fragrance, creating a lasting impression of serenity and calm. The bottles for