April is National Oral Health Month
If you’re in the business. stock and supply all types of contact lenses, including bifocal lenses and disposable lenses, and also boast one of the largest sunglass selections in the city. Glasses are made in the on-site optical lab.
Nikon Cheapskate Lenses
The photo world changes fast. What used to be Nikon's, and the world's, very best lenses have all but been forgotten today. These older lenses just happen to work great on most Nikon digital cameras. people blindly spend a lot more money on the 85mm.
Cleaning; Beyond soap & water
Rubbing Alcohol: does a great job cleaning greasy or gummy residues and it's almost residue free. Adhesives from tape, stickers or labels may take a little soaking and a cotton cloth. Attack soap scum in the tub, telephone, keyboard, fan blade, etc with a soft cloth and disinfect at the same time. Most plastics are OK but it can haze some plastic lenses. Add 5% to 10% for window washing and it's great in the final rinse for carpet cleaning. Brake Cleaning Solvent: stinks a little but leaves no residue.($2 aerosol at any auto parts store) will SOFTEN MANY PLASTICS so test it first. Cleans permenant marker from many plastics and "white boards"! Paint on clothes, Tar on car (will also take off wax), scuff marks, etc.
Kodak Instamatics on eBay
Testing an InstamaticWhen you are listing your camera on eBay, check it over in a bright light for grime, cracks, scratched or dirty lenses, film or battery doors which are stuck or will not shut. Sadly, many Instamatics are good for parts only.Check past sales to see what you might get as a final selling price.Carefully note the correct spelling of IN·STA·MAT·IC because if you make a mistake, buyers may not find it.There are 3 key checks for Instamatic cameras: shutter, battery, flash socket.All Kodak Instamatics are different, and your model may not match the photos, but the general idea is the same.Test the shutterPush the Film Advance lever as far as it will go by sliding towards front of camera and allow it to return.Some