Adorama Pro Optic Extension Tube Sets Help Canon EOS, Nikon AF SLR, and Sony Alpha Shooters Magnify Images
Pro Optic Lenses and accessories include Fisheye Lenses, Portrait medium telephoto lenses, Mirror super-tele lenses, Auxiliary lenses. Adorama is listed as’s "Best of the Web" and in the Internet Retailers Top 100, and is the official.
Fresnel Lenses can be a Useful Tool for Preppers
Now many of you may be familiar with the small Fresnel lenses that come in many survival kits as. Since plastic Fresnel lenses can be made larger than glass lenses, as well as being much cheaper and lighter, they are used in industrial applications.
Installing Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Lenses
So you have an FX, MR CE, AP, or TE helmet that you bought here on eBay and after looking at it, you've decided that you want to change out the lenses so you can see better out of the helmet? It's really quite quick and easy to do and you have a lot of options here on eBay. You can buy cheap and flimsy welder's lens material that you can cut with sissors or you can opt for thicker true lenses made from colored acrylic. This guide will cover acrylic lens installation, because acrylic lenses will last much longer and won't scratch as easy in the long run. In Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope, only Han Solo and Luke Skywalker's Stormtrooper costumes had "hero lenses", i.e. "bubble lenses". These bubble lenses typically come with the FX armor kit and are inaccurate. As you probably don't want to be a Rebel and would prefer to go Imperial, you can easily swap these out with flat colored stunt lenses. They come in two colors, Emerald Green or Smoke, and you can buy them in kit form (which can require a belt sander or grinder and a heatgun for forming them to your helmet) or just buy them pre-formed and simply hotglue them into your helmet. If you bought an untrimmed lens kit (that allows you to make either bigger FX or smaller AP/TE lenses), put on a pair of safety glasses, keep the paper backing on the lens material and cut with a table scroll saw (using a very fine toothed blade) or grind them down to the correct size with a belt/disc sander or grinder following the template lines drawn on the material. You can also use a Dremel with a metal diamond-tipped cutoff blade, but be very careful not to let the disc slip and mark up your material.
These are the sharpest most contrasty lenses ever made for large format. No contest! Apochromatic means that all three primary colors are focused on the same plane. Very important for B&W as well as color photography. They use ED (extra dispersion) glass to eliminate color fringing. The 75 degree angle of view is wider than usual. These lenses are distortion free. They are mounted in Copal shutters. The 100, 135, and 150 use a no.0; the 180 and 210 a #1; the 240, 300 and 360 a no. 3. Apertures are from f5.6 to f64. They may normally be used at 1 stop wider apertures than other high quality lenses. Flare is reduced.8x10may be used for 11x14 with less than normal but adequate movement. I personally use these lenses in all lengths except 100 and 150. I love them for all work, but appreciate them most for platinum palladium printing, which tends to reduce the contrast and sharpness of the finished prints. When using Rollei R3, a lower contrast film with some infrared sensitivity, these lenses retain the sharpness while letting the contrast be less, resulting in a print which is more subtle. With lesser lenses, sharpness is often faked in printing by making a higher contrast print. The 135mm is my recommended lens as the best all purpose for 4x5. It may even be used for portraits, as long as you keep at least 42 inches from the subject. It fits the Linhof Master Technika with the camera closed, being very light and compact.
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